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I hope you are all having a fabulous Easter break – here at Chateau Bake Maundy Thursday was especially exciting and special for us as L was lucky enough to be chosen to support the Royal Maundy Service in our local cathedral as on of the Royal Almonry Children. The day was full of pomp and circumstance and the service was very moving (seeing all the recipients of the Maundy Money so pleased and emotion was fantastic and made my eyes well up more than once.)


As ever L took it all very much in his stride although he did at one point suggest he may try and “high 5” Her Majesty which worried me slightly!
It certainly wasn’t a day we will forget being involved in in a hurry.



Good Friday saw us back to normal life though and we spent the best part of the day trampling round the local nature reserve. Today has been even more reserved with a bit of tidying and then a dose of Harry Potter on the telly. This afternoon also saw my first attempt at Tarte Aux Citron and once I’d got over the number of eggs and lemons in this I went at it wholeheartedly. I think next time I attempt it I will give it 5 minutes less in my oven. I won’t replicate the recipe here as I followed the sainted Mary Berry to the letter but here is the link

Hope you all have a very blessed Easter xx